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How To Choose the Right Type of Craft Paint for Wood Crafts

Paint for Wood Crafts

How To Choose the Right Type of Craft Paint for Wood Crafts

The kind of paint that is best suited for painting on wood surface such as pine wood, poplar or birch would be an acrylic type of paint. You can purchase this paint at a large craft chain such as Michael's or AC Moore. These types of craft stores have an isle filled with different brands of acrylic paints to choose from. So which do you choose?

Simple answer is to buy several brands of craft paint and use them. This will be the only way you find out which brand you will like to work with.

Experiment with the acrylic paint and see if it performs the way you want for the price you paid for it. Is it creamy and does it cover in one coat if you need it to?

Sometimes purchasing the cheapest brand paint can be a waste of your money. It could be too watery for what you need it for. I have also found that even my favorite brand acrylic paint has certain colors that act differently when you paint with them.

I needed orange acrylic paint once and had to buy a big batch of it. I decided to buy several different brands of orange and test them on my Halloween wood projects I was making. One brand was watery and another needed two coats just to cover the wood base before I could paint on my detail.

Sometimes its the actual color itself that makes it a different consistency. I had an order to paint a massive amount of black items such as cats and witches one time for a gift shop in Salem, Ma.

Because I was getting regular orders for painting these wood items in black I decided to skip buying my acrylic at the craft store and head right to the hardware paint store. My favorite for a nice brand quality paint is Benjamin Moore by the quart or the gallon.

Because I was using black acrylic it wasn't a popular color and it sometimes it would not be in stock. No worries, I just ordered it in advance with the paint shop. I indeed saved money by going this route of buying acrylic craft paint. I was happy because it was quality paint and it was also economical. Even though I bought black in gallon quantities it was still the same kind, if not better acrylic paint purchased in the craft store.

So the bottom line when deciding on the type of craft paint is that it has to be what you expect by the texture. As long as it's not too thin or too thick it will work fine for the job. Ordinarily you should not have to clear coat in acrylics if your wood piece is being displayed outside.


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