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Chicken coop building plans

Chicken coop building plans

Build Your Own Chicken Coop

If you are looking for the perfect chicken coop to house your chickens, or are interested in keeping chickens as pets I suggest you check out these chicken coop building plans.

If you can use some simple hand tools then you absolutely can build your own custom chicken coop based on these blueprints.

This packet contains six chicken coop blueprints, build a movable chicken wheeler coop or build yourself a Gambrel chicken barn

All these blueprints are drawn to the highest “architect” standards. Each blueprint is painstakingly and digitally drawn using advanced computer software, with full color 3D diagrams, cross sections, clear instructions and labeling.

All measurements are provided in both U.S and Metric standards, so you can refer to these blueprints anywhere in the world without having to do your own conversions.

Chicken Coop Building Plans

Chicken coop videos

Make Your Own Chicken Coop

This is the only set of chicken coop blueprints on the ‘Net that includes both written plans and an easy step-by-step, “no guesswork required” video guide!

Step by step video instructions to accompany the chicken coop blueprints for both the starter coop and the mid-range coop mean that anyone can build a chicken coop with ease:

* No carpentry experience required!

* No fancy tools required!

* No special skills or knowledge required!

* No deep pockets or big budget required!

These are proven plans that will allow anyone to build a coop.

Make Your Own Chicken Coop

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